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architecture ahead of its time
R. Guggenheim Museum
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Visitors per Year
10,540 sq. m.
Exhibition Space
24,000 sq. m.
Museum Square
1071 5th Avenue New York, NY 10128
This is an art museum in the USA, created by philanthropist and collector Solomon Guggenheim, located in Manhattan within the museum mile. One of the oldest and most visited collections of contemporary art in the world
creation of the Guggenheim Foundation
Guggenheim has created a special fund to support contemporary art. An exhibition space was required for the collection of paintings. So it was decided to build a museum.
The baroness, who manages the patron's collection, suggested architect Frank Wright to create an unusual building for storing unique treasures.
architect Frank Wright
To create huge, but "weightless" reinforced concrete structures, engineers had to use many new, incredible inventions
The architect decided that the works of art would be organically complemented by the mobility and variability of the building in the form of a spiral.
Both the Guggenheim and the architect Wright did not live up to this time.
Thanks to the project F. Wright, the museum immediately caused a furore. Some artists refused to exhibit there, as the building seemed very strange to them.
Today it is difficult to imagine a more popular place to showcase works of modern art.
museum opening
6 thousand works of famous masters
The basis of the exhibition is collections of works of art by private individuals.
In addition to the collections of Solomon Guggenheim, there are unique collections of his niece Peggy, K. Dreyer, D. Lanza di Bumo, K. Nirendorff, D. Tannhauser
three masterpieces from the collection
Strangely twisted sheets of weather-resistant steel, creating bizarre corridors, express the author's attitude to the variability of time limits.
"The Essence of Time” by Richard Serra
"The Essence of Time" by Richard Serra
Richard Serra
Andy Warhol. "Turquoise Marilyn”
Andy Warhol.
three masterpieces from the collection
He started it a week after the suicide of the TV star, using silk-screen printing, for which critics wrote a lot of unflattering reviews.
Time often sorts things.Critics have long been forgotten, and tour groups are still drawn to the masterpiece
Andy Warhol's "Marilyn Monroe" Diptych
Andy Warhol. "Shadows"
Andy Warhol
three masterpieces from the collection
This series consists of 102 canvases. Images of silhouettes of real objects are applied to them with a sponge with paint.
Warhol's "Shadows" series
interesting temporary exhibitions
Ethel Adnan: A new measure of light
Gillian Waring: Putting on masks
Tannhauser Collection
Branches of the museum
New York - opened in 1959
Venice - opened in 1951
Bilbao - opened in 1997
Berlin - opened in 1997
interesting fact
The cost of the visit
25 $
for adults
For Children under 12 years old
15 $
For Students and People over 65 years of age
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There is no art without pain; at the same time, art exists in order to compensate for pain
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